~S~ Serie

~ S ~ Series

These are the fastest and strongest violin bows on our beautiful planet. Their sound is extremely powerful and brilliant. Most soloists find in them the perfect companion for their concerts. Their lightness and the instant response also allow the most delicate and subtle playing. For dark sounding instruments they can be a true revelation. They are marvellous bows for the entire baroque and classic repertoire. S
~P~ Serie

~ P ~ Series

The P-bows are just as strong as the S-bows, but the slightly higher weight lowers their tuning so they pull a warmer, richer sound. This is why they are the perfect match to many brighter sounding instruments. Their feel and sound make them also the ultimate bows for playing the big violin concertos of the Romantic era. P
~M~ Serie

~ M ~ Series

With a perfectly balanced sound and play the M-bows are our most universal models. They match almost every player and instrument. Their special feature is a mass distribution towards the ends which lends them a surprising in-flight stability and superb handling qualities. M

Special Models and Earlier Series

Since our very beginning we constantly research everything related to bows and stringed instruments and keep developing new models and improve existing series. Here you can find our earlier series and special bows.