A very special feature of the violas is their significant variation in body size and string length. The tension of the string grows with its length, and with it the bow forces that are required to actuate the string in the same way. In addition the larger body also increases in mass, which again induces higher bow forces. The third point is that a smaller body develops a brighter sound, while a larger body sounds significantly darker. In the development or our viola bows we have taken all this in account.

~T~ Serie

~ T ~ Series

For all medium sized violas the T-series bows are ideally suited. They draw a sound that is both warm and brilliant, bringing out the very best your instrument has to offer. Their elasticity is precisely matched to a string length of around 37 cm, so that all off-string bowings are easily executed to perfection.

~P~ Serie

~ P ~ Series

For large instruments with higher string tension we have designed the P-series. Their elasticity is similar to wooden cello bows and their weight is that of a 20th Century violin bow. This way they offer great power as well as superior agility and comfort.

~M~ Serie

~ M ~ Series

For smaller violas with a vibrating string length below 36.5 cm or 14 1/4 inch (measured between bridge and nut) the somewhat more flexible M-bows are perfectly suited. They draw a very warm and full sound that makes every viola sound like a larger instrument.


Special Models

In our quest for making the perfect viola bow we have made some very interesting series of bows, of which some are still extremely popular. Some are the ideal solution for particular instruments.

Earlier Series

Since Arcus was founded in 1999, we have produced a wide variety of bows and have continued to develop. You can find an overview of our earlier series here.