Players' Reviews

Since 1999 thousands of musicians around the globe have made an Arcus their primary bow.

Most of these players are unknown to us as the majority of our bows are sold though our dealers. Many musicians also prefer discretion in regard of the equipment they use which we fully understand because the work of the musician should always receive all the attention.

Still, quite a few players have shared their experiences with their Arcus bows over the years and we are happy to share them with you here.

If you’d like to let us know about your Arcus story, you may use this page.

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Stefan Rodescu, Violin
...but with the Arcus I can have both, plus a noble and pure sound in the upper registers and precision in the bass.
Jim Fellows, Violin
Although there are other bows in their cases, the Arcus bow is the bow that is being used ALL the time by ALL of them!
Wolfgang Jacobmeier, Viola
...provides a level of agility that I have never achieved with a wooden bow.
Vincent de Greef, Violin
It’s like removing a lead cover from the violin.
Verena Wittmann, Violin
These bows allow me to shape the sound so much better
Vera Paskaleva, Violin
Thank you very much for thinking of us who spend countless hours in the orchestra pit...
Valentin Eichler, Viola
...opens many possibilities in modulating the sound, from the finest pp to extreme ff
Ursula Jenni, Violin
I'd never thought that my new S6 would fit so well to my old violin
Tomoya Aomori, Bass
The French Arcus S7 bass bow is by far the best bow...
Thomas J Boyer, Violin
My Arcus makes me a much better Haydn/Mozart/Beethoven player.
Thomas Buffy, Violin
No matter if I play in the studio, at the Jazz club or open air..
The Alexander String Quartet, Ensembles
...the reduction in physical fatigue afforded by the lighter and stronger sticks is so significant that we find productivity and endurance significantly improved.
Steve Wright, Bass
I did not tell my teacher I had a new bow. He said "Your bass is really opening up nicely". That wasn't it at all - it was the Arcus bow.
Sonja Stojanov, Violin
The Arcus C5 is a clear recommendation for all beginners
Siegfried H. Pöllmann, Violin
Since 2014 I use an -S8- bow and I am still enthusiastic about it.
Sarah Brittman, Violin
...essential to improving my tone and musicality.
Ruth Zeger, Violin
...allowed me to play totally pain free and extended my symphony career by many years.
Robert Tavolieri, Violin
Beautifully made and a joy to use.
Robert Plasberg, Violin
My S7 does everything exactly as I want it.
Richard Wallace, Viola
...with upper partials having a freedom that is rarely possible with a wooden bow.
Richard Heinberg, Violin
These bows are amazing.
Ricardo Cyncynates, Violin
I have owned a number of very fine French and English bows, two Simons, D. Peccatte, Henry, Tomassin, Bazin,...
Rainer Lewalter, Bass
I was instantly fascinated by the intelligence of these bows.
Peter Hörr, Cello
The Arcus Bow delivers the purest of sounds and seems to have unlimited playing capabilities!
Peter Barber, Viola
It's the best bow I have ever owned.
Paula Hudspith, Cello
It is fun to play and my bow arm is not getting tired at all with this wonderful bow.
Paul Hudspith, Cello
I had many right hand/arm issues - but since using an Arcus, I am now injury free!
Paul Fenton, Viola
The history of music is full of examples where a new technology has replaced an old one, simply because it was better.
Paul Carlson, Violin
The strokes were so clean and the response so instant that I needed to "recalibrate" my bowing technique.
Oriol Sana, Violin
My Arcus bows are really essential in my tours
Olivia de Burgh, Cello
The S9 is literally perfect
Nigel Berry, Violin
Arcus bows are in a league of their own
Nico Catacchio, Bass
the new S-series bows are… without words
Milena Wilke, Violin
Edouard Lalo - Violinkonzert Nr.2, op. 21 "Symphonie Espagnole" / Arcus M9
Michiel de Sterke, Violin
In the past I have played with beautiful old French bows, like Sartory and the like, but this bow is superb in quality.
Michael Speth, Violin
...the first bow that I feel in total control of.
Matthias Zeller, Violin
Now that I have done an intense exploration of carbon fibre bows, I want to share my results with everybody involved and interested.
Michael Benter, Bass
After a week I sold my wooden bow.
Mathias Kölling, Violin
The S9 has opened a new world for me.
Martin Welter, Violin
In regard of the beauty of tone the S9 bow is quite a bit ahead of the fine wooden bows that I own.
Martin Chamberlain, Cello
... and I feel like I have made great improvements to my playing with my new Arcus.
Martin Andersen, Viola
You obviously are continuing to develop the potential of the Arcus bows, and I am grateful for your successful efforts.
Marta Kletinitch, Violin
Triple chords can be played so nicely and the bow also helps greatly in avoiding unintentional "bow-vibrato"...
Markus Protze, Viola
...I experience a completely new level in the ease of play and relaxation of the right Hand.
Maria Maddalena Main, Violin
With the S7 you can avoid to think about technical problems...
Marcello Iaconetti, Violin
Simply brilliant
Mairead O'Friel-Murphy, Cello
My S5 cello bow really does feel like an extension of my right arm
Luis Garcia, Violin
Finally I understand what "a relaxed bow hand" means!
Liz Rose, Viola
As a violist who has experienced a lot of tendonitis a lightweight bow such as these is most welcomed.
Leonid Gorkhov, Cello
Within minutes of playing with an Arcus bow my opinion was changed
Laura Jenkins, Cello
They are not making carbon-fibre tennis racquets to perform just like wooden tennis racquets...
Kai Hofert, Bass
What I especially appreciate in my "Concerto" bass bow is the full sound it draws...
Joyce Reinholds, Cello
My work load seems to have been cut in half
Jörg Schuster, Cello about progress, beautiful sound, extreme durability and protecting nature.
Jörg Marquardt, Violin
After only half an hour my playing has improved much more than I would ever have expected.
Jooni Hwang, Violin "Ferrari bow".
Jonny Gee, Bass
My Arcus bow is perfect: delicate and light response, but with a huge fat power transmission ready to kick in whenever I need it.
Jonas Erni, Violin
We have just played Symphony No. 8 from Anton Bruckner, and I was still completely relaxed afterwards!
John Addison, Cello
This is basically only possible by using an Arcus bow,...
Jessica, Cello
What a joy to be able to play again!! The pain disappeared completely, like blown away
Jameson D Platte, Cello to an F.X. Tourte, a D. Peccatte and a Simon
Isabelle Faust, Violin
My Arcus allows me to play very powerful and still keeps a surprising subtleness and precision at the same time.
Ilkka Vesioja, Cello
I feel that I have reached a higher level of playing...
Igor Epstein, Violin
Since I mainly play jazz and klezmer music...
Hugo Holleman, Violin
With the Arcus I achieve for the first time in my life the phrasing I had always meant to play.
Holger Kinzel, Violin
For Irish folk music the Arcus is perfect
Hitoshi Maezawa, Violin
...happily appreciate the benefits of the Arcus bows at its reasonable price, and be no longer deluded by the famous names and high Prices.
Hessisches Staatsorchester, Ensembles
Already four members of the Hessisches Staatsorchester Wiesbaden play with Arcus bows.
Helmut Wagenmann, Cello
The clarity, projection, the timbre and the easy handling have convinced me completely.
Harald Halsch, Bass
...provides the most relaxed playing.
Greg Kehret, Bass
The bow handles with perfect predcitability and makes my bass sing most beautiful.
Georg Kemetter, Violin
The bow responds faster than wooden bows. It allows me as an amateur to play more beautiful.
Gene Wie, Violin
I wonder why I waited so long to try them again,...
Gary Dixon, Bass
I found the Arcus bow to be superior in every manner of importance to the player...
Florian Mohr, Viola
With this bow I have no longer troubles with my wrist, not even after long Wagner-or Strauss operas.
Eva Brönner, Cello
I have become totally addicted to the sound
Ethan Heath, Viola
...somewhat to my surprise, it has become the bow I chose 99.9% of the time.
Ensemble Pyramide, Ensembles
Since we string players use the Arcus bows,...
Dr. Tapani Yrjola, Violin
...but liked it so much that I started using the Arcus bow as my first bow instead of my French bow.
Dr. Michael Krauß, Violin
...the S8 plays in a totally different league of sound.
Dr. Klaus Moeckelmann, Viola
I especially appreciate how much power you can apply even at the tip, if necessary, or near the bridge,...
Dr. Christian Göpfert, Cello right shoulder is finally free of pain again,...
Collin Arneson, Violin
The sound of my S7 is miles past my very nice wood bow
Clare Pusey, Cello
I am now doing a lot of electric cello work...
Christoph Goebel, Cello
Before I learned about the Arcus bows I thought new materials could never take over from the centuries old tradition of wooden bows...
Christian Zgraggen, Viola
I will sell all my wooden bows.
Christian Tetzlaff, Violin
Charles Strang, Violin
I sold my 'Voirin'.
Byol Kang, Violin
without words
Bink Williams, Violin
The Arcus is the best bow that I've ever played; my Coda has been retired.
Axel Ghazi, Cello
It feels to me like a new discovery of the bow.
Barry Guyer, Violin
...the improvement it makes to the sound is amazing
Anselm Hauke, Bass
This is the best bow I have ever played!
Annika Stumpe, Violin
I don't call it "bow" any more, but "my magic wand".
Anne Akiko Meyers, Violin
I used to think that using a heavy stick produced a bigger sound but now I believe it really is quite the opposite.
Andrew Victor, Violin
Some things felt so much easier...I felt like I was cheating
Andreas Müller, Cello
Consequently my bow technique has improved significantly
Andreas Kanev, Violin
It appears the Arcus has some unexpected teaching skills!
Andreas Halsch, Cello
...excited by the fast response, their lightness and playability.
Andrea Montalbano, Violin
I'm really impressed by the balance and the nice sound
Dr. Michael B., Violin
...and the pain in my right shoulder is almost completely gone!
Ursula Jenni, Violin
I meant to use it as a backup only, but now I play the Arcus all the time.
Volker Beling, Viola chamber music partners say that my not very large French viola sounds much bigger with it.
Jim Fellows, Viola
So we have also bought Arcus Concerto bows for all of our 4 children...
Günter Birett, Violin
Its lower weight compared to usual wooden bows improves my endurance and reduces fatigue significantly.
Elke Höppner, Cello
Well, the pain in my right wrist is gone, since I play with the Arcus bow.
Anja Choquer, Cello
Not even through the long rehearsals of an orchestra weekend have I ever suffered from signs of fatigue in my arm.
Josep Galí, Cello
The ARCUS is definitely the best bow I have ever tried.
Frederic Moisan, Violin have to admit that you would have to pay a lot more for a pernambuco bow with similar qualities as my Arcus.
Phil Coonce, Violin
I am delighted with my Arcus P9 bow
Frederick J Weiss, Bass
I always imagined a bow like this!
Louis Fantasia, Bass
...and am almost pain-free.
Rémi Bouyssière, Bass
...I'm convinced by its lightness and balance,...
Philip Roach, Violin
I bought a P5, and I needed to tell you how much I love it...
Bill Nolan, Violin
I frankly can't imagine a bow being better,...
Hideaki Takagi, Bass
My Arcus produces a very rich volume of sound as soon as I make a move!
Martin Ebinger, Violin almost unlimited spectrum of sound colours.
Dölf Weder, Cello
My original scepticism about carbon bows has given way to Arcus enthusiasm!
Sam Vallery, Violin
The handling, sound, response, and weight of the T5 is perfect...
Rafaël Jimenez, Violin
...thanks to it I have a lot less tension in my wrist, my right hand technique has improved and I have a much more varied sound palette...