Stefan Rodescu


Since 2004 I am playing with an Arcus Cadenza bow. It pulls a rich sound from my J. Steiner violin with many overtones that fills every concert hall.

From the beginning, its lightness and agility was absolutely tempting. With wooden bows you always have to make the choice between the two, but with the Arcus I can have both, plus a noble and pure sound in the upper registers and precision in the bass.

I just acquired a second, octagonal, Arcus which also has a very beautiful sound, a little meatier in the middle, which feels really strong.

My wife, who plays first violin in the same orchestra shortly purchased a Cadenza gold, which matches her old Italian violin perfectly. This amazing bow pulls a sound that is full and round at the same time. It is very stable in soft pianissimo and has unlimited potential at the tip.

BRAVO to Arcus for this innovation with talent, technology and musicality.