Richard Heinberg

I played a 2-hour gig last night with the S6 and S7 bows. Wow. They are fantastic.
  • Less noise. If you play a lot in higher positions this is a big deal, because the higher up on the fingerboard you play, the more noise. Up really high, it sometimes becomes hard to hear the pitch for all the bow noise. Not with these bows! The sound is much more pure.
  • No bottoming out. According to the Arcus website, wooden and regular carbon bows bottom out at about 200 grams pressure, while an Arcus can take about 300 grams. You really feel the difference while playing: you can play both quieter and louder than with regular bows, with more control all the way through the dynamic range.
  • So light! All kinds of fancy or fast bowings are easier because you're not pushing around a heavier stick - just the bare minimum of weight. Yet there's plenty of control for playing big, loud, sustained chords - more, in fact, that with a regular bow!
Bottom line: these bows are amazing.