Paula Hudspith


At the age of 18, after finishing school, I decided to devote a full year to practicing cello, to apply at the conservatory. I doubled and tripled my practice hours, but unfortunately that seemed to be too much for my body as I experienced a rather bad Tenosynovitis in my right wrist.

After 2 month during which I could not play at all, I started again slowly, but my arm hurt again, and this time I was sure, it was the vibrations of the bow! Playing the open C- or G-string was unbearable. I was shocked not to be able to play any more and that my dream would not come true.

But now I have purchased an ~S6~ cello bow and it gives me a lot of joy. It is fun to play and my bow arm is not getting tired at all with this wonderful bow. My playing is getting better every day, while I discover more and more of the unique possibilities of the Arcus bow.