Hugo Holleman


Regarding the Cadenza Gold: I feel very honored playing this bow. The sound is deep, smooth and sovereign. The playability is extremely easy and exact. I always felt slightly uncomfortable playing the fast movements of Mozart's violin concertos and sonatas. With the Arcus I achieve for the first time in my life the phrasing I had always meant to play and everything sounds joyful and easy.

I sold my beautiful (but 65 grams heavy) Sartory bow. The combination of my 17th Century violin and the brand-new Cadenza Gold is superb! The Concerto remains also a favorite to me, it feels already like an old friend. Off course the sound projection does not match the Cadenza. So I will use the Cadenza gold for my performing activities and the Concerto for the teaching work. After selling my beautiful but too heavy Paul Weidhaas viola bow I will order an Arcus Concerto viola bow.

These bows make me very happy and I am starting a new violin-life with them.