Hideaki Takagi


I am amateur bassist playing with orchestra since Twenty years or more. After I learned that there are two types of composite bows, dry and wet, I got interested in Arcus as the only dry carbon bow. I tried Arcus Sinfonia German, then bought it.

I find Arcus a bow of new feeling sense. It produces a very rich volume of sound as soon as I make a move, without using too much rosin, and without forcing excessive pressure by right hand. A very proper Pianissimo will sound only with a slight touch of Arcus, which is very light to handle with ease, and very consistent from frog to tip. That really surprised me! For I had a strong idea that Bass is more stubborn to start in sounding than Cello. It forces me to let off or start the bow on the utmost precise moment, because of its nature, such as extreme length of strings and huge size body. I also used to have opportunity playing with a cheaper "wet carbon bow", however, it is completely different.

The sound quality of Arcus, which is more interesting, is very genuine and straight. When I tried it in turn with my previous wooden bow, Arcus appeared definitely superior in reducing unwelcomed wild dancing of bow. Now my right hand is very comfortable and is easy to move at my will, freed from unnecessary bow trembling. On the other hand it may be necessary to do a little more by left hand when you need to add a slight nuance in music.

After a period of month together with Arcus, I realize that my instrument sounds as natural as it originally should. As for rosin I now love a Petz with smaller number after Colstein which I previously used.

To those who are going to try Arcus now after, I would advise to admit the difference before taking it: Arcus is another thing from a wooden bow. Then you may need to arrange or invent yourself appropriate ways of playing. The stick is more straight, for instance; and wider space between stick and hairs may propose you a few things. You might hold the bow in more upright position from the string, and you might loosen hairs a bit. Then you realize how Arcus is efficient in its high quality.

While Arcus may surprise you, finally, with its somewhat robust appearance, I would call it a good wild health. The silver tip is very beautiful with its sharpness, so much so that I am very satisfied to possess my Arcus!