Franck Leprince


I treated myself to one of these 20th Anniversary bows last December. I have to say, that it is terrific in every way. It helps with the most intricate bowing styles by making them feel easier to execute, and has enormous power, and really gets the best tone out of the instrument. The workmanship is exquisite (I don't know how they achieved the interlocking rings on the frog - one silver, one gold. The bow has the strength of the finest of French bows, but is much lighter, though perfectly balanced. My wrist and finger muscles no longer ache (I noticed the relief after only two weeks of playing with my bow. What I thought was perhaps carpal tunnel syndrome of three years has now completely vanished). I really do think that the wooden bow has had its day. I thought that after a couple of weeks of getting used to this bow, that I would be completely familiar with its capabilities, but as the months pass by, I am discovering that I can learn new bowing techniques with ease, and exactly how much tension I need in the hair, and exactly when. I don't know of any wooden bow where the tension of the hair can be controlled to this degree of accuracy. From what I have read, the intention was to create a sort of hybrid between the best of the S and T ranges. Herr Muesing has certainly accomplished this. I am already saving up for the 30th Anniversary edition!