Dr. Klaus Moeckelmann


I am a veteran amateur violist, playing in various chamber music ensembles and orchestras. After receiving my first Arcus Concerto viola carbon bow one year ago, I was immediately impressed by its sonority, lightness and great handling. It sounds significantly better than my old French viola bow. I especially appreciate how much power you can apply even at the tip, if necessary, or near the bridge - to pull a big and powerful sound - free of any unpleasant side noise.

Depending on the occasion I play two different instruments - a very large modern viola (a Stradivari model) and a Martinus Matthias Fichtl from 1739 (a Stainer model). Matching these instruments I found two different Arcus bows in a range of Concerto and Cadenza models. The Cadenza that I picked makes Fichtl-viola sound full and nicely differentiated, while the Concerto bow fits my large modern viola perfectly.