Paul Carlson


The P7 is a fantastic bow. I've always liked light and stiff bows and Arcus bows are the absolute best in that category. It did take me a little while to figure it out. The strokes were so clean and the response so instant that I needed to "recalibrate" my bowing technique. I felt like I was coming off a nice car for the streets and into a race car for the track! It is definitely the fastest and most responsive bow I've played. One of the most powerful as well.

I live in the US, just outside of Washington, DC. I teach and perform mostly traditional Nordic and Celtic music. My P7 and I have had a lot of crowds whooping and hollering. We set the one-night record for beer and wine sales at the most popular bar in Arlington, VA last summer.

You may be interested to know that the tone of the P7 works very well with my solid body electric fiddle. Smooth, clean, and with a wide range. The ultra fast response is also great for jamming out, I can definitely hold my own with shredding guitarists. High end electric violinists may want to give an Arcus a test drive on their fiddles.