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Fascinating Sound

Students: The hardest part in learning a string instruments is good control of the bow and the ability to draw a beautiful tone. If the bow does not jump well, has a soft stick, wobbles and shakes irregularly, lacks in overtones and response it can become a hard struggle. A bow like an Arcus ~A4~ on the other hand offers perfectly balanced playing characteristics and the sound of an expensive wooden bow. Nothing could help a student more than such a bow.

For advanced students and experienced amateurs the sound becomes increasingly important, with the goal of finding their own voice and expression. This is extremely important for the motivation to practice and play concerts. The various models in the 5- and 6-range offer a beauty of sound that is usually available only for professional players. But in the wide range of Arcus bows they can easily find the right bow. Their power and elegance is perfectly matched to even play solo concerts with them.

To win a competition or an audition it the litmus test for every prospective soloist and orchestra player. A well chosen Arcus bow will offer perfect safety, a superior sound, precise articulation and perfect projection even under difficult circumstances. It can make the decisive difference between winning and loosing. Do take a very close look at the 7-category bows, as their sound is an improvement over any wooden bow. You can hardly make a better investment for your career.

The continuous stress that orchestra players experience over many years of intense playing can become quiet a burden for the muscles and joints. Nearly every player experiences fatigue in the bow arm, hand and shoulder after long rehearsals or concerts, some even suffer pain and must limit their activities. An Arcus bow solves most of these problems immediately. But it will also play all the repertoire and supply an extreme range of beautiful sound from pianissimo the fortissimo.

For all soloists work, with orchestra or in chamber music, a powerful sound, maximum projection, crisp articulation and the capability of extremely fast and hard play is essential. The gold mounted Arcus bows in the 8- and 9-category offer all this to an extend like no other bow before. Once you have played your first concert with it, you will want to play every one with it. Most soloists prefer the S-series bow, but some the A- or P-bows. You should try as many as possible to find just the right one. All the classes and series are explained here.