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Haven’t you always been looking for a bow that does not only sound and play really well, but is also perfectly robust and reliable, a bow you would hardly ever have to worry about? A bow that need almost no repairs and maintenance too?

The incredibly strong stick of the Arcus bow, its solid silver (or gold) tip plate, but also the strong snakewood frogs give these bows an unparalleled durability. It survives a drop just as well as fortissimo col-legno. Hand moisture or normal cleaners would not hurt the stick with its pure carbon surface.

We use only the finest materials for our bows, apply extensive accuracy in the making and exercise a stick quality control system. This allows us to offer a 30 year warranty on the integrity, the curve and resiliency of the sticks, which is not limited to the initial owner, non-professional use or any such nonsense. The Arcus bows are meant to be passed on many times, and to be enjoyed by many generations of players.

For out bows we use only the finest, selected hair. As every experienced player knows, the bow hair is very important especially for the sound, but also for the playing of the bow. With our bows it makes even more sense to use the best hair, as they normally last twice as long as hair on wooden bows. That is because the hair is not crushed between the stick and the strings during powerful playing. The much improved resiliency of the sticks effectively prevents them from bottoming out.

A rehair is needed only when about 5% of the hair is lost, which normally takes a lot of playing with an Arcus bow. Should this become necessary, here you can find more information about this. Is there still plenty of hair on the bow, but the grip is diminished, it is usually only some built up of dirty rosin. That can nicely be removed with Alcohol. How that is done and how you can clean the stick perfectly is shown here.

We recommend to clean the bow after playing with a soft cloth. This way you prevent some rosin built-up, but also the erosion of peal and the corrosion of the silver parts. Should the silver parts grow dark, you may use any regular polishing cloth to bring it back to shine.

Wenn Sie Fragen zu Pflege oder Reparaturen haben, können Sie uns gerne jederzeit kontaktieren.

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