30 Year Warranty

In our Würzburg workshop a team of highly skilled craftsmen spare no effort to create the finest bows ever made. We use only the best materials to make the sticks in a unique and very labor intensive process. The high-density carbon fiber structure that is created this way will last virtually forever.

Because of the fantastic durabilty of our bows we offer a 30 warranty on the bow sticks. For the tip plate, the frog and the button we offer a 2 year warranty. The hair, thumb leather, the winding, the screw and nut are excluded from warranty as they are subject to normal wear and tear.
Any warranty claim must be directed towards the original seller. Should that not be possible, please get in touch with the Arcus distributor in your country. Otherwise please contact us directly to inform us of the damage and its circumstances. We will then inform you about further procedures.

The warranty applies only under normal playing conditions. Should a bow be damaged under circumstances that are outside warranty limits, please get in touch with us anyway. We will try to offer you a repair or replacement at especially favourable conditions.

Any warranty expires when substantial changes are made to the bow, especially the attempt to change the curve of the stick, which is absolutely impossible. Any damage that is caused during unqualified work on rehairing the bow is also excluded. Please contact your Arcus-dealer, the distributor or us in any such case to find the best possible solution.

(All Arcus bows made in Austria before 2009, named Sonata, Sinfonia, Concerto, Cadenza, Allegro, Veloce or Vega, are covered by a 10 year warranty on the stick only.)

The warranty is not limited to the initial owner of the bow, but automatically transfers to any later owner. Please register your bow after purchase, no matter if it is new or used.

Cleaning the Stick

Cleaning the Stick

The true/raw carbon surface of our sticks can be cleaned with any regular cleaner or simply with a robust cloth.



Of all materials, silver has the most beautiful and brightest shine, but only when it is not tarnished. To restore its shine, you may use a regular silver polish cloth designed for for silver jewellery.

Cleaning the Hair

Cleaning the Hair

The reason for a loss in grip of the bow hair is normally dirty rosin. This can be washed out with alcohol. For a thorough cleaning pour alcohol over the hair or wet a paper towel with alcohol and wipe the hair with this. Repeat this process until all the residual rosin is removed. Blot the hair with dry paper towel and let is rest for several hours until it is completely dry. Now comb the hair thoroughly to separate all hairs. Apply a little fresh rosin and you are ready to go.


When about 5% of the hairs are broken the bows will need to be rehaired. Please check with the repair shop to make sure they own the Arcus hair gauge to make sure they will put the correct amount of hair on the bow. A “regular” rehair would be to thin/weak for an Arcus bow.

Since 2014 years we have been engraving the ideal hair thickness on every stick.

If your bow does not have this engraving you may return the bow to us to check its stiffness and to determine the ideal hair thickness. Otherwise we recommend you follow this table:

Wooden Bows
(Cadenza, Concerto, Sinfonia, Sonata)
(Rondo, Allegro, Veloce)
7,5 - 8
7,5 - 8

The ideal hair thickness depends on the elasticity and curve of the bow but you can also modify the hair thickness to match the play and feel of the bow to your demands. A thicker hank will provides a softer feel and make the bow less bouncy. A thinner hank will improve the bounce, provides a “tighter” feel with increased agility.


Please use this form to register your bow. We also welcome your rating of the various qualities of the bow and any other experience you would like to share:

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* The serial number is engraved in the stick underneath the frog.


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