~S~ Serie

~ S ~ Series

Most soloists that play an Arcus bow have chosen an S-bow. Their sheer power and their clear, brilliant, and full sound projects like no other bow in a large concert hall. Their low weight and high elasticity provide unparalleled agility and speed. They are our best recommendation for all larger scale instruments with a dark sound.

~T~ Serie

~ T ~ Series

The T-bows are truly universal bows as they sound great with pretty much every instrument due to a sound that is both warm and brilliant. Their balance and elasticity is perfectly balanced so they can be adjusted to every playing style and all kinds of music with only a half turn of the button.

~M~ Serie

~ M ~ Series

The M-bows draw a particularly warm and round tone and are a little heavier and more flexible than our other cello bows, which makes them perfect all around bows for smaller and brighter sounding instruments. Their handling is perfectly balanced and particularly easy, which is appreciated by orchestra players just as much as by students and amateurs.


Special Models and Earlier Series

Since we made our first cello bow we have developed many different models of which some are the direct ancestors to our current lines. Most of these bows are in the hands of happy players around the world. Nevertheless we are also make a few special bows every year.